To kickstart 2015 we present the album The Absence of Baudrillard, a companion to a collection of essays commemorating Jean Baudrillard, forthcoming from Ventil Verlag.


Stolen Mirror produces limited edition books and recordings that take you to new places and strange times. The CDs are hand-made individually (with care) and feature full-colour packaging and printed disks on the highest-quality media. Click on an image for details and ordering information.

The Absence of Baudrillard

2015 digital
Never entirely there.

The Drones

2013 digital and CD
Explorations of meditative statelessness.


2012 CD
Harmony rendered as a shining sea of ambience.

Device for the Transmission of Electrical Energy Through Air

2012 CD
Radiophonic sound works created 1987 to 2012.

Avoidance Strategies

2011 CD
Electronic improvisations with a sonic ecosystem.

Tragedy Of The Sun And Stars

2011 Book
Fragmenting language with the power of the Trinity bomb test.