Steve McCourt

With his debut album AC, Steve McCourt has crafted a personal statement about the place of noise in our lives. This work of masterful subtlety and power has taken five years to complete.

For some, noise is a curse, an unwanted sound, a transaction gone bad. For others, noise is a wellspring of life and energy, from which imagination springs. McCourt operates in the second category, composing with jet engines, cell phone interference, and other sounds usually ignored as musical material.

This album evokes the deepest valleys of the ocean, where crustaceans play over hot steam vents. Or perhaps we are hearing radio waves fractured through the ice pellets of a distant comet. Or maybe an artificial intelligence is speaking to us in cryptic electromagnetic utterances. McCourt's album opens a window onto a science-fiction soundscape.

The limited edition compact disk has been released in a four panel digipak. Use the button to purchase your copy for 15 EURO, which includes world-wide shipping. For details, visit our sales page.

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