For your convenience, we provide tracks for you to audition before purchase. Please be aware that the limitations of streaming music mean that it cannot deliver the details and nuance of music. Our artists take great care in sculpting sonic worlds that can only be fully appreciated in uncompressed audio formats (FLAC or CD).

Currently we facilitate sales in one of two ways. For digital albums, we use Bandcamp. For physical releases we use direct Paypal payments, with sample tracks on Soundcloud. No Paypal membership is required to make payments via credit card, though you may wish to sign up for convenience. Stolen Mirror neighter sees nor retains your personal information.

Prices on this website include shipping, at slightly below our actual cost. Every attempt will be made to ship products within three days of ordering.

Stolen Mirror does not make a profit. All proceeds are re-invested in future releases. Thanks to everyone who has supported our artists!