Stolen Mirror is self-isolating... no better time than now for some ambient electronica...

Profits from the brand new album Telegraphic will go to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Support artists in China by checking out Arcadia 1 and Arcadia 2 by Mai 麦.


Stolen Mirror produces limited edition books, compact disks, and digital releases, from our home in Ireland. Click on an image for details and ordering information.

Telegraphic by Robin Parmar

2020 digital
Evolving sequencer patterns.

Arcadia 2 by Mai 麦

2019 digital
Widescreen instrumentals.

Arcadia 1 by Mai 麦

2018 digital
Beautiful ambient electronica.

Device for the Transmission of Electrical Energy Through Air

2017 digital
Radiophonic sound works.

Neural Atlas by Fergus Kelly

2016 CD
Glitched electromagnetics.

AC by Steve McCourt

2015 CD
Noise is a wellspring.

The Absence of Baudrillard

2015 digital
Never entirely there.

The Drones

2013 digital
Meditative statelessness.


2012 digital
A shining sea of ambience.

Avoidance Strategies

2011 digital
Improvisations with a sonic ecosystem.

Tragedy Of The Sun And Stars

2011 book
Fragmenting language.