Robin Parmar

File under: ambient, instrumental, loops
Code: 2020D03

It's early in the morning, in that special hour of quiet when nothing stirs. Outside the space that defines home, the world is dark. The house settles fractionally into the earth. In this year nineteen-ninety-three it seems certain that nothing will ever change. All futures are written. Destiny is frozen.

I am listening to music using the popular medium of the time, the compact disc. This particular disc becomes stuck, repeating a short recycled loop for a minute. Then the laser shifts lazily onwards, only to get stuck again a moment later.

Transfixed, I listen. The world is frozen. The hour is eternal. Crystalline sounds circle my head in a beautiful array of ever-changing stasis.

Eventually the looping ends. Sound stops. I take note of my surroundings, rise to my feet, walk over to the CD player, and power the unit down.

These four tracks were composed using material from one commercial compact disc, skipping in place. This material was later reworked for the album The Last Frost Fair. This album is only available as a companion to that release.



Created by Robin Parmar at Studio Ubiquity, Canada in 1999. Finalised and released in 2020.

Design from a poster for the London Frost Fair of 1683.

Composition, production, and artwork by Robin Parmar.

Released 27 December 2020.